The Bloodline System Novel by TimVic

A race known as the Slarkovs visited Earth in a future timeline. The earth was the next habitable world for them after they lost their home planet and began looking for a new one. Slarkovs agreed to live on Earth in exchange for an agreement that involved humans.

The Bloodline System by TimVic
The Bloodline System by TimVic

The Slarkov family exchanged their expertise and technology for a new house.
Except for a few who had minor differences, they were similar to humans, so assimilating into society wasn’t a problem.

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Over time, Slarkovs and humans started to mate and have children together. As a result, the mixed blood species was established. Later, mixed-blood people were able to draw power from their heritage and accomplish incredible deeds.

Gustav struggles to fit in with a useless bloodline because he was born during a time when everything was determined by a person’s bloodline. His heredity only allows him to alter the color of his hair, crushing all of his ambitions and dreams for a bright future.

His fate is changed when he discovers a system that gives him the ability to unlock and upgrade lineages by successfully completing missions, but he is perplexed by two objectives with a five-year deadline. He will receive incredible benefits if he succeeds… But if he fails, only death will befall him.

Read The Bloodline System by TimVic

Read The Bloodline System by TimVic

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