The Billionairess Secret Memoirs Novel by FX777

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The Billionairess Secret Memoirs Novel Summary.

Loved two men at the same time; one for money and the other for her heart. My name is Veronica Villamor and this is my secret life.

I do not want to divulge my forbidden secret, but, my heart wanted to expose it to the whole wide world. She dreamt of becoming a successful woman someday, a female billionaire.

She wanted to reach her dreams through thick and thin. Loving someone is not the only way to survive in a messy environment.

Loving both men to get what she wants and needs their constant care. Daniel Montenegro gave me a ring and put it on my finger.

Soon he fell asleep in my arms, in each other’s arms, I knew that I captured him, like a prisoner in a cage! Veronica Villamor continued her studies with the help of Raymond Montelibano who supported her from A to Z.

Even in her deep soul, she knew that all of these were just stairs to heaven. The most important things that she can revive in her weaknesses are those that destroy her dependent personality.

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But even though she has experienced hardships in her existence, she still aims for any hope within herself. Fighting adversity is not for Veronica Villamor, and she has no intention of avoiding it.

She has a wonderful way of disabusing herself of what she has learned to fake things that have come into her life. Will she reach her dreams to the fullest?.

The Billionairess Secret Memoirs Novel by FX777
The Billionairess Secret Memoirs Novel by FX777

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