The Billionaire’s Forgotten Son Novel by Yhen Amor

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Billionaire’s Forgotten Son by Yhen Amor.

The Billionaire’s Forgotten Son Novel Summary.

“Uhumm, can I remove my arms around you now?” suddenly the man who prevented her from falling stated in a mocking tone.

Atty. Ninia Salamera’s face grew red with embarrassment. “Oh my, of course, thank you, Sir.” She immediately made herself stand firmly.

“Be careful next time; do not use your phone while walking.” He then turned his back and walked in the direction of the CEO’s office. Atty.

Ninia was not able to say a word. His face is familiar. “Oh my God!” the woman covers her mouth with her left hand, she knows the man; he was the one who beat her in the recent bar exam.

He topped the bar and she only placed second! “What are you doing here Atty. Wilgreg Monaro”, she whispered.

The Billionaire's Forgotten Son Novel by Yhen Amor
The Billionaire’s Forgotten Son Novel by Yhen Amor

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