The Betrayed Luna Returns Novel by Jade Weaver

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Betrayed Luna Returns by Jade Weaver.

The Betrayed Luna Returns Novel summary.

Violet stood there watching how her husband of three years renounced her as his Luna and made her twin sister his Luna because she was accused of killing his father.

He didn’t believe her when she said she didn’t kill him. He banished her from his pack and never to return again, but she didn’t want to leave; she wanted to prove her innocence.

Little did she know what was coming her way. She was betrayed and brutally killed by her sister, when she thought all hope was gone. 

However, the Moon Goddess had other plans for her. Violet returned to the exact moment when her life turned upside down with a chance to change everything. 

Will she be able to change everything? Or will the changes lead back to her death?

The Betrayed Luna Returns Novel by Jade Weaver
The Betrayed Luna Returns Novel by Jade Weaver

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