The Arrogant CEO Novel by Nessa_

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The Arrogant CEO Novel Summary.

Isabella Smith, a 22-year-old female, is presently grappling with the vicissitudes of life, persevering through turbulent times to provide herself and her sister with a life of contentment.

Her benevolence knows no bounds, extending towards all individuals without bias. Conversely, Seth Anderson, a 26-year-old billionaire and the CEO of Anderson&Co,

embodies the quintessential epitome of a male specimen that every female yearns for: a strikingly attractive, alluring, and debonair personality, complemented by a charming Spanish accent.

Conspicuously, his prior stance on love was non-existent, and his romantic involvement was limited to fleeting liaisons.

Nevertheless, his preconceived notions were dispelled upon beholding Isabella, who captivated his interest.

The Arrogant CEO Novel by Nessa_
The Arrogant CEO Novel by Nessa_

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