The Animal Farm: George Orwell (Review)

This novel is set at a time when animals were far more intelligent than they are today. The pigs began a revolution against humans as a result of their cunning. Unlike the other animals, pigs could easily speak English, which gave them the authority to be leaders. But, the subsequent story only took place a short while later.

Old Major, their first leader, was benevolent and just, and he recognized the equality of all animals. That was, however, extremely unpleasant when Napoleon took the helm. He established a regulation that gave the pigs better food and had the other animals work insanely long hours every day and night. Napoleon lacked the necessary power and desired more.

In order for him to be the lone leader, he made the decision to murder his brother, Snowball. Snowball won admiration for having a brilliant idea to construct a windmill. Snowball’s participation in the revolt made him popular as well. The bravest people were him and Boxer, a dependable horse. Napoleon, the egotistical pig, then destroyed the windmill that the animals had constructed and laid the blame on Snowball for escaping the farm. The animals were then compelled to work harder and harder till they eventually died. Napoleon would simply order their execution if any animal is as cunning as him.

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The Animal Farm: George Orwell (Review)

My Favourite of all Animals

Boxer the horse is my favorite character because he worked the hardest for all the animals yet never gave up, regardless of how much it hurt or how old he became. He never voiced complaints to Napoleon, always claiming that the latter was correct. Because President Snow is like the humans and President Alma Coin is like Napoleon, this novel reminded me of another more recent book, Mockingjay (Part Two of The Hunger Games films). After defeating President Snow, President Alma Coin becomes corrupt and perhaps even worse.

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