The Altruistic Bride of the CEO Novel by Manogyna Marthi

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The Altruistic Bride of the CEO Novel Summary.

Asher Rodriguez is a reputed businessman and a billionaire who owns varieties of clubs and casinos in the city and is a cotton textile mogul.

He is hot, virile, and manly with a six pack body. Girls swoon on his perfect physique but living a failed marriage and a father of a two year old daughter, Asher had lost interest in life.

He had turned cold, unemotional and an insensitive boss who had no human values. But when he enters an unrespected wedlock with an innocent young girl almost half of his age everything changes in his life.

Phoenix Beatriz yearns for a dream of a loving and sincere life partner with a good home. As if her life was less troublesome, her drunkard father pawns her in marriage to a wealthy billionaire who is double her age.

Chained with duties and commitments that she couldn’t necessarily control, Phoenix’s life was a tragedy in every respect. She was abused and ill treated by her step-mother and uncaring father accompanied with a lonely childhood.

But is that all? There is a ray of light in every dark room. Since Asher saw her, he’s been denying his feelings for her, ignoring the void in his heart he knows only she could fill.

Everything about them was wrong, the kind of wrong that felt so right. It was supposed to be only a business deal.

Yet a deal he did not know that would make his life only more complicated than just twelve months to sort it out until nothing mattered to him in the world than her for whom he could even give away his life.

The Altruistic Bride of the CEO Novel by Manogyna Marthi
The Altruistic Bride of the CEO Novel by Manogyna Marthi

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