The Alpha’s Wrath Novel by Worthwhile

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The Alpha’s Wrath Novel Summary.

Aurora has been through unexplainable situations all her life. She fell into a deep pit, she was caught with the dead body of the coldest Alpha father.

He wanted to kill her, he wanted to revenge immediately, but a voice whispered to his ears. “Quick death is a favor in disguise, torture her and make her beg for Death,”

Still, with the torture, she seemed impenetrable, the torture didn’t affect her until Alpha Malik decided to use another form of torture “Strip,” His cold voice came out, and reluctantly she started undressing.

Alpha Malik raised his brows, looking at her nakedness, yet his face held no emotions, but the fear he has been longing to see in her eyes disclosed boldly.

“I know the best torture for you now and I’m ready to inflict it on you, I will make sure my shaft tortures every part of your body,

I will make sure you beg for death and bring it out what have been longing to hear from you,” The deadly whispered let out, Aurora’s legs trembled, going down to the ground, her body pressed against the wall, saving her from falling.

The Alpha's Wrath Novel by Worthwhile
The Alpha’s Wrath Novel by Worthwhile

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