The Alpha’s Virgin Surrogate Novel by Nina GoGo

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The Alpha’s Virgin Surrogate Novel Summary.

“Now, let’s discuss sexual experience,” he says, his tone matter-of-fact. “It’s essential for me to understand your level of comfort and any potential concerns in that aspect.”

I feel my cheeks flush, the topic leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable. I take a moment to gather my thoughts before responding honestly, “I… I have not had previous experiences, but I am willing to learn.

And… and I can assure you that I am absolutely clean.” Alexander’s gaze softens, and he almost seems surprised. But he eventually gives a soft laugh as he says, “I understand. Moreover, you still need to go through some tests to ensure that it is a smooth process.”

Hi, I’m Sophia, an ordinary college student. I have a happy family and two handsome roommates, but because of an accident, I had to secretly become a surrogate mother to pay for my father’s enormous medical expenses.

I don’t know that the intended father, a polite and distinguished 34-year-old man, is the city’s most influential and mysterious figure.

And what is beyond my control is when I give birth, I’m shocked to discover that my twin babies have wolf ears!.

The Alpha's Virgin Surrogate Novel by Nina GoGo
The Alpha’s Virgin Surrogate Novel by Nina GoGo

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