THE ALPHA’S VIRGIN SLAVE Novel by Muleba Makukula

Don’t miss out this amazing novel, THE ALPHA’S VIRGIN SLAVE by Muleba Makukula.


TRIGGER WARNING!! Sexual content. Slavery. 18+. Read at own risk. ~ ALPHA IAN ~ I have a sexy wife who I let everyone f*ck, I feel nothing for her, to me she’s my means of release and pride.

My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us.

But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I’m beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack.

I want no one to touch her. And what’s worse is that I want to spread her legs apart and thrust my c*ck into her tight, sweet p*ssy violently just so I could satisfy my urge and desires.

THE ALPHA'S VIRGIN SLAVE Novel by Muleba Makukula
THE ALPHA’S VIRGIN SLAVE Novel by Muleba Makukula

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