The Alpha’s Temptation Novel byDemi_0

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Alpha’s Temptation by Demi_0.

The Alpha’s Temptation Novel Summary.

Tessa had just broken the mate bond with her alpha husband of five years. Pregnant and broken, she escaped the city in a bid to run away from all her troubles.

She was also short on money and struggling to live a good life. All she wanted was to live a good life.

But, what happens when her new boss happens to be her second chance mate? She tries to avoid admitting the mate bond.

But it turns out this man is different from most. Not only is he a powerful alpha, he is also a very possessive and stubborn man.

The Alpha's Temptation Novel by Demi_0
The Alpha’s Temptation Novel by Demi_0

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