The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel by Diamondlee

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The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel Summary.

WARNING: This book contains violence, rape, explicit words, and s3x. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Eleanor Stark never thought this day would come when she would have to watch her family being killed before her eyes and her being auctioned to become a slave in a foreign pack.

She had no choice but to work under the alpha she hated most and sought revenge for murdering her parents in cold blood and destroying her once peaceful pack.

Eleanor had vowed to make him pay, she vowed to avenge her parent’s death no matter what, even though her life depends on it.

Zane Mackane is known as the brutal and heartless alpha, who wanted nothing but to expand his pack, he didn’t care how many packs he had to destroy to achieve his goals.

One of his sources of wealth was collecting girls from the packs he attacked and selling them to his wealthy cohorts, to make money.

What happened when he met the one destined for him by the moon goddess among the girls being auctioned? An alpha isn’t supposed to mate with an outsider,

especially a slave, or he will be dethroned and banished from the pack. Would alpha Zane be able to make the slave his mate and will Eleanor be able to carry out her revenge?

The Alpha's Slave Mate Novel by Diamondlee
The Alpha’s Slave Mate Novel by Diamondlee

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