The Alpha’s Pen Pal Novel by Allie Carstens

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The Alpha’s Pen Pal Novel Summary.

Future Alpha Wesley Stone’s teacher assigns his class a pen pal project with a class located in another state.

The young Alpha soon finds himself forming a close snail mail friendship with a young, orphaned human girl, Haven Kenway. Over time, they lose touch, but neither forgets the other.

Years pass, and Haven now lives in one of the towns near Wesley’s pack. When they finally meet in person, sparks fly, and neither can resist the attraction they feel for each other.

As secrets about Haven’s identity are revealed, Haven and Wesley must journey to unravel the truth about who she really is, and Wesley must protect her from those who wish to use her.

Please note this book is intended for 18+. The book deals with real life issues of childhood trauma, substance abuse, neglect, hospitalization, and will have graphic scenes of violence and descriptive sex scenes, as well as adult language.

The Alpha's Pen Pal Novel by Allie Carstens
The Alpha’s Pen Pal Novel by Allie Carstens

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