The Alpha’s Flower Novel by teast87

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The Alpha’s Flower Novel Summary.

My name is Rose Bailey. I am seventeen years old and about to start my senior year of High school. I have always lived a normal, boring human life.

I never believed in the supernatural or the love at first sight shit that others girls my age fall for. That is until I moved with my mom and two brothers back to the small town where my mom grew up.

My mom makes us stay at this house, or should I say castle, with a lot of other people living there. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on a man and two women that looked to be 20 or 21, having in a room that looked like an office.

Imagine how surprised I was when I was frozen in place, unable to move, as I felt a sharp pain in my chest from seeing them together as he one from behind while she leaned over a desk from pleasure and the other woman was him.

The man froze in place and looked at me with a guilty look on his face. The pain got worse in my chest, and before I  blacked out, I swore I heard him say, Mate!.

The Alpha's Flower Novel by teast87
The Alpha’s Flower Novel by teast87

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