The Alpha’s First Love Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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The Alpha’s First Love Novel Summary.

He moved closer to her, held her by the neck with both hands and gave her a slobbery kiss, then she felt his strange presence and held his chest,

it felt good, like she wanted more of what he just did. That night he made love to her and became an alpha, the first to ever walk the earth.

His name was Bambi, the first werewolf to later become an alpha. Bambi’s mother Rasah had been having strange dreams right from the moment she turned ten,

inquisitive about a compass she found she followed it’s leading to a cave where she was forced to mate with a strange spirit,

the spirit that was to later become the father of the first alpha werewolf to ever walk the earth. Visited by monks and against her will commissioned for the task ahead,

Rasah and her lover Akez who lost his family to a war and with her two year old son Bambi in a quest to avert the prophecy over Bambi’s life went to live in the deepest part of the forest of Safa region,

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in an ancient country in the European continent. According to the strange monks that visited Rasah Bambi her son will fully become an alpha and discover his true potential when he meets and mates with his mate.

Rasah had to hide her son in the forest from all humans to avoid his getting to mate with a woman.

The Alpha's First Love Novel by Obiechinna Martins
The Alpha’s First Love Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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