The Alpha’s Bridal Nun Novel by Aly Wrights

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The Alpha’s Bridal Nun Novel Summary.

I tried to get away from him. “Running away, I see.” He sneered as he crawled on top of me.

“You must fulfill your duty as my Luna. you are no longer a church maid, Rosaria. ” He grabbed my legs as he spread them apart.

“You will be rewarded with my seed, and you will reach ecstasy just to be filled.” “But I didn’t want this! I only wanted to be pure!” “You were never pure to begin with.

Not as long as you are born in this accursed pack.” All of her life, Rosaria devoted herself to the Hatiist Church. Hati, the Sun God and one of the sons of the Great Wolf, Fenrir,

who attempted to eat the Moon Goddess and a threat to the werewolf race. But was he truly a danger despite his genuine love for them?

So, she stayed at the covenant and prayed for their god’s return. However, just before her ordination, the Alpha King of the Skollist pack came to the scene and declared her his fated mate.

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“Bear me a child who can rule over the pack,” he said. Lord Varick despised Hati for bringing damnation to their pack and forced Rosaria to be his Luna—and her life changed for the worse.

The Alpha's Bridal Nun Novel by Aly Wrights
The Alpha’s Bridal Nun Novel by Aly Wrights

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