The Alpha God’s Luna Novel by Marissa Gilbert

Discover the captivating world of “The Alpha God’s Luna,” an enchanting novel by Marissa Gilbert that’s available for you to enjoy free. Immerse yourself in a tale that promises to hold your attention from the very first sentence to the final line.

The Alpha God’s Luna Novel Summary

Embark on the journey of Astrea, a former member of the elite Firstborn shifter army. Her life was shaped by stringent training and a duty to follow orders, even if it meant taking lives. But one pivotal day, Astrea decided she could no longer conform.

When her act of defiance led to her capture, it seemed her fate was sealed. However, an unexpected proposition from her Teacher altered her path. She was presented with a final mission: venture into the Eastern Rogue Kingdom and confront the Rogue King. The task appeared straightforward, until she encountered Fenrir. Suddenly, the simplicity of her mission was replaced with intricate complexities.

The Alpha God's Luna Novel by Marissa Gilbert
The Alpha God’s Luna Novel by Marissa Gilbert.

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