The Agent’s Bad Boy Novel by Cassandra Davy

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Agent’s Bad Boy by Cassandra Davy.

The Agent’s Bad Boy Novel Summary.

He finally had it and stripped her naked, she didn’t struggle, she just looked at him and let him do what he wanted with her.

Until he had her wrists cuffed to the bedpost and she looked like a fragile beautiful woman who he was going to protect and cherish. “You’ve never been a loser in my eyes.” He said as he kissed her softly on her forehead, then trailing his kisses down her body.

What do you get when you mix one very work driven female agent with one sexually driven drug lord? Will she give in to his charms? Will he seduces her with more info?

Find out will the odd couple managed to get around their differences and find their happy endings? Or will the opposite attraction fail them.

This is the story about our Karla and Yegor. Read snippets about them in “The Bratty Heiress”.

The Agent's Bad Boy Novel by Cassandra Davy
The Agent’s Bad Boy Novel by Cassandra Davy

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