Tangled in The Dirty Game Novel by Ameerah ZB

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Tangled in The Dirty Game Novel Summary.

When one thing goes wrong, and another, and another. When you feel losing a loved one is the worse thing that can happen, but then, nature proves you wrong. It gets worse.

Along with a loved one, you lose everything you have ever had, including your freedom. Kayla Smith knew her life was not going to get any better. But she wasn’t expecting it to go this wrong.

Getting trapped and forced to pay a debt she never took, she has to get married to a Mafia lord to clean her uncle’s dirt. Getting married was one thing.

But getting involved in a family with so many secrets and enemies was something she was not prepared for. Falling in love with just the wrong person at the wrong time. And attracting enemies because of her love.

There is no turning back, no option. Life never gave her any of these. But it did teach her one thing, to fight! It’s a story of, betrayal, secrets, disappointment, war, but most especially, love.

Tangled in The Dirty Game Novel by Ameerah ZB
Tangled in The Dirty Game Novel by Ameerah ZB

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