Tainted Desires Novel by Angela Shyna

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Tainted Desires Novel Summary.

Take off your clothes Brie! You can’t run from me! I’ll always catch you, little mouse.” His menacing voice rang out.

I was already caged between him and the wall, there was nowhere left to run. He caught my wrists in a strong grip until I cried out from the pain.

“Please I’m not ready! I need some more time” I sobbed, my whole body shaking badly. I was willing to do anything to reach out to whatever little humanity he left.

His eyes were cold. Merciless. He was going to hurt me, I knew it. “But you were ready to run away with that bastard, weren’t you?

“The smirk on his face as he taunted me betrayed the icy rage that simmered in his eyes. “You belong to me, Brie! I’m your husband! And I won’t be denied of my rights,

Refuse me again, I dare you to Brie!” He hissed, his grey eyes simmering with hot fury. What happens when Gabriella Thorne gets forced into an arranged marriage with Lucian Castiel.

He is Cold. Brutal. He gets anything he wants. What happens when he’s determined to TAINT Gabrielle’s innocence with his darkness. Is there a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel,

or would she be forever tainted by his Psychotic Obsession?Trigger Warning!! This book is very dark, containing torture and abuse, read at your own risk!!.

Tainted Desires Novel by Angela Shyna
Tainted Desires Novel by Angela Shyna

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