Sweet Romance Novel by Racheal Park

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Sweet Romance Novel Summary.

“Marianne, it’s finally time for you to pay me back what you owe me.” the cold man sitting on the sofa said to me.

“Please Sir, a little more time is what I ask for, I’ll get your money back as soon as possible.” I pleaded tearfully. “You don’t need to pay money.” he smiled and looked at the man standing beside him.

The man moved closer and placed a neatly fold brown envelope on my palm. “We have filled in for you, today you’ll be going to sign in as Xander’s next mistress in Xander’s mansion and what you’ll have to do there is just simple.” the evil man started.

I listened attentively even though I was almost shitting on myself. “Do everything you can to make sure Mr Xander Knox falls for you, then break his heart”

My heart stopped squeezed immediately he said the word. How was I supposed to make a cold man like Xander Knox fall for me?.

Sweet Romance Novel by Racheal Park
Sweet Romance Novel by Racheal Park

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