Surrogate Mother Novel by Rizukariu

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Surrogate Mother Novel Summary.

Tricked by someone, Audrey had a hot night in a hotel with Daniel Anderson, CEO of Anderson Corporation.

To maintain his good name, Daniel is forced to marry Audrey. Their marriage was far from happy. Audrey was only considered by Daniel as a lust-fulfiller in bed.

Not only that, Daniel also always accused Audrey of being the one who had trapped him all this time. To prove that Daniel’s accusations were not true, Aydrey tried to find out what happened that night. However, she found herself pregnant.

Not only that, she was also slapped by the shocking fact that the child she was carrying was the result of embryo injections from her husband and someone else.

Which is the person closest to Audrey! So, what is the fate of Audrey’s marriage to Daniel? What will Audrey do with the fetus in her womb?

Surrogate Mother Novel by Rizukariu
Surrogate Mother Novel by Rizukariu

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