Surrendering Magic Novel by Viola Grace

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Surrendering Magic Novel Summary.

Bara is facing certain madness or a lifetime of frenzied learning. When she is offered a chance to live as a normal person,

it requires one surrendering magic.Bara has lived her life knowing that she is going to have to spend every waking moment learning or go mad,

and even though she has a boyfriend, friends, and distant family… her future is bleak. With a family letter, she sees her chance to grasp a future, even without magic in it.

She has a chance to step into the human world, and with the blessing of her boyfriend and her friends,

she decides to go through the extraction of the cursed magic she was born with.The next morning starts far too early, and a cat in her room wakes her and urges her to get ready.

When she’s prepared, they step through a portal and end up in a place Bara wasn’t expecting. Ritual Space.

Her trials and surrender are going to take place in the safest area in the world. No magic will escape it, and nothing harmful can enter without the consent of the proprietor.

It is the safest place to lose herself, so she begins the process of losing everything she had been taught to love and fear.No pressure.

Surrendering Magic Novel by Viola Grace
Surrendering Magic Novel by Viola Grace

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