Supremacy Games by MidGard

Supremacy Games by MidGard is a sci-fi web novel consisting of 1,224 chapters.

Summary of Supremacy Games by MidGard

The story follows Felix Maxwell, who was born into a weak race and faced adversity at every turn as he traveled across the universe in search of riches. One day, while exploring a ruin, he unwittingly becomes host to a supreme being that was imprisoned within. The being tries to take over his body, but Felix manages to escape and wakes up twenty years in the past with the fallen being trapped within his soul.

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In the first chapter, titled “Ruins Exploration Gone Wrong!”, Felix is exploring a ruin with his team when they encounter a strange portal. Despite his warnings, his team members jump into the portal, but Felix stays behind to investigate. He discovers a strange energy source and is attacked by a creature. In a moment of desperation, he accidentally releases the fallen being, which takes over his body.

Supremacy Games by MidGard
Supremacy Games by MidGard

After waking up in the past and being trapped within himself, Felix is determined to use this second chance to his advantage. He starts by gaining knowledge about the universe and training his body to become stronger. With each new challenge he faces, he gains more power and understanding, becoming a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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Overall, Supremacy Games is an action-packed sci-fi novel with a unique and intriguing premise. The main character’s determination to succeed and his struggles against adversity make for an engaging and entertaining read.

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