Summoner: Monster Girl Harem Novel by Duke Asmodeus

Wealth and power flow like a waterfall on a planet where dungeons have appeared for three thousand years, upsetting the delicate equilibrium of the universe. The poor finally discovered a means of escaping poverty as people delighted in their newly discovered riches and prospects.

However, with power also came the need for control, leading to the creation of a specific profession to oversee those who dared to enter the dungeons. Many eager explorers looking to venture into these shadowy and perilous places gave birth to the Explorer’s Guild.

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The most skilled among those who dared to enter the dungeons were granted the title of Dungeon Scout, which served as a symbol of their prestige.

Young Vincent Schwartz, our hero, was an orphan discovered inside one such dungeon. He was raised for eighteen years among the very creatures that were his natural foes after being adopted by the prison knights who discovered him.

He did, however, turn into a typical elf-like child full of love and passion for humanity and his classmates, all owing to Verda, his adoptive mother.

He was afraid of becoming weak and worthless on his 18th birthday, when children all over the world may consume a special fluid and awaken; nevertheless, right now!

Over the course of his life, he received random choices with various rewards from a shadowy system known as The Demonic Choice System.

Vincent selected the powerful yet unusual Summoner class as his first option. With this ability, he could call forth beings from other worlds, giving them limitless power and the capacity to unleash terrible attacks.

Will Vincent’s newly discovered talents enable him to live the life of his dreams, one that is surrounded by the love and adoration of the stunning monster girls he meets? Or will the dark secrets of the universe start to reveal themselves to him, forcing him to fight and struggle against the sinister intent of the dungeons themselves?

In this grand, romantic harem book filled with danger and intrigue, only time will tell.

Summoner: Monster Girl Harem
Summoner: Monster Girl Harem

Read Summoner: Monster Girl Harem by Duke Asmodeus

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