Suddenly I Can Duplicate Money by Romeru

Suddenly, I Can Duplicate Money by Romeru is a thrilling story about Yun Hao, a former star athlete whose life spirals out of control after a career-ending injury. 

Summary of Suddenly, I Can Duplicate Money

Yun decides to end his life because he has no future prospects and nothing to lose. However, fate has other plans for him.

Yun discovers that he has the ability to duplicate money just as he is about to hang himself. Coins begin to fall from his pockets and multiply until the entire room is covered in them. Yun sees this newfound power as an opportunity to change his life and become wealthy and successful.

He sets out to duplicate money and ends up with a fortune. However, as he rises to the top, he attracts unwanted attention from authorities and criminal organizations who want to know the source of his wealth. 

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Suddenly, I Can Duplicate Money by Romeru
Suddenly, I Can Duplicate Money by Romeru

Yun must navigate perilous waters to keep his secret safe while also discovering the true nature of his powers.

The novel is filled with suspense, action, and mystery. It’s a fresh take on the superhero genre, delving into what happens when an ordinary person develops extraordinary abilities.

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The characters are well-developed, with Yun’s journey serving as the novel’s high point. The magical realism elements give the story an intriguing dimension, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

Ultimately, the book is an excellent novel that combines action, suspense, and magical realism to tell a compelling and unique story.

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