Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire Novel by Belleza J

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire by Belleza J.

Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire Novel Summary.

Denzel Hobbs is a cold, handsome, dominant billionaire who doesn’t believe in love, he is a flirt, and every woman he comes across could kill just to get the opportunity to spend the night with him, he is every woman’s dreams.

Kate, his hot house maid, though a bit innocent and naive who was there to work for Denzel because her sick mother needs money for medication, was fortunate enough to get the attention of Denzel.

He found himself falling really hard for his maid! He couldn’t help but indulge in a hot Romance with his maid which changed his life forever.

After his first night with Kate, he couldn’t get his mind off her, this facilitated his obsession for her and he swore to have her all to himself.

Eva, his childhood crush, who has been crushing really hard for Denzel finally got him to lay with her, and it was a dream come through for her, she kept on imposing herself on him, even though she disgusted him.

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Things were bound to change when she found out about his sexcapade and his undying love for his maid, this got her really mad as she swore she will never leave Denzel for anything in the world.

Denzel’s worse nightmare began when his long time rival, a drug Lord, who is also Kate’s ex, surfaced and made him to chose between the love of his life, Kate, and his Legacy which he has been trying to build for years now.

Kate gets kidnapped by Carlisle, a few months after her wedding with Denzel.

Denzel on the other hand lost his memory in the process of rescuing his pregnant wife from her kidnappers. Eva saw this as a great opportunity to pose as Denzel’s wife when he got out of coma.

What happens when Kate came back for revenge one year later when she thought Denzel deliberately forgot about her without even trying to look for her?

What happens when she got back for her revenge spree, the truth hit her really bad, as she found out about Denzel’s memory loss.

Let’s find out in this heart racing piece!

Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire Novel by Belleza J
Submitting To The Alpha Billionaire Novel by Belleza J

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