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Here in this blog post, you will find every detail on the study abroad masters programs, including the programs, cost, and requirements

Finding graduate programs abroad can be a difficult process. 

In contrast to your search for undergraduate institutions, there is no CollegeBoard to help you narrow down the list of potential schools to choose your ideal school. 

You are frequently forced to click through page after page of search results when looking for “graduate schools abroad,” as you have no idea where to start. This is a time-consuming, tedious process. 

When looking to further your education, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the programs that are right for you. 

These graduate study abroad options will knock your socks off (and your passports). 

Continue reading to find hidden gems for graduate school as well as ways to save money.

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What do you gain from Study Abroad Masters Programs in 2023?

Undoubtedly, earning a graduate degree abroad was worthwhile. 

You can advance professionally, live abroad, or broaden your global network, to name a few possibilities. 

Although getting your master’s abroad won’t be the same as getting your undergraduate degree there, it will give you a competitive edge in a world that is increasingly becoming global. 

One aspect that makes studying abroad so alluring is the cost. 

In the US, students use loans to pay the average annual cost of their education, which is $34,220. As a result, Americans owe $1.73 trillion in student loans. 

This contrasts with the free or significantly discounted tuition available in European countries.

The public colleges in Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Finland are less expensive than American universities despite the fact that tuition there is free and does not include housing, food, or insurance. 

Saving time is just as beneficial for those thinking about graduate study abroad as saving money is. 

The US allows for master’s degrees to last up to two years if you enroll full-time. A long period of time is two years. 

You can use this time to concentrate on your job or anything else you really enjoy. 

Overseas master’s programs can be finished in a year. The time and money you’ll save by getting your next degree abroad will be well worth it!

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What are the Best Study Abroad Masters Programs in 2023?

1. Master in Design Management at IED Barcelona

If your imagination is running wild and you want to advance professionally, welcome to IED Barcelona. 

This one-year international design program includes everything your inner artist could possibly desire. 

Study product design, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, advertising, and marketing, to name a few. 

Don’t let the fact that you don’t speak Spanish well stop you. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

This master’s program is being taught in English abroad. So explore your creative side and live in the vibrant city of Barcelona to further your education!

2. Masters in Sports Management at Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

This master’s program in sports management will prepare future sports managers to run sporting organizations while living in Murcia, Spain. 

The English-taught master’s degree in sports management is one of many offered by UCAM, and it is taught by outstanding faculty. 

During an exciting international educational trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi that will take place during the course, students will have the opportunity to explore some of Abu Dhabi’s best sporting venues. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

An internship is a requirement for students enrolled in an English-taught master’s program abroad. 

Thanks to partnerships between educational institutions and important players in the sports industry, students may have the opportunity to work with professional soccer clubs, Adidas, and more!

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3. Richmond University Master’s Programs

This English university combines European and American educational practices so that students can get the best of both worlds. 

Study political science, public relations, or art history for the entire year. 

This institution focuses on liberal arts in London, one of the most diverse cities in the world! 13 graduate programs are available abroad, 

12 of which are taught in English. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

The one exception is their linguistics program, which is taught in either English or Chinese. 

Small Richmond University offers a flexible program that lets you choose between a full- or part-time schedule.

4. Joint Master in Economic Governance and Public Affairs at CIFE European Institute

What other program allows you to simultaneously pursue two master’s degrees while living in three different places? scarcely any 

This extraordinary one-year program allows you to experience real international life. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

All graduate programs abroad are offered in English, so students can take courses in topics like global politics, economics, and sustainable development to earn their combined degree.

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5. Masters of Environmental Policy at Duke Kunshan University

Prepare to save the environment with the aid of a fantastic graduate program in China. 

Due to a collaboration with Duke University in the US, participants in the program will be able to attend classes at both the Chinese and American campuses. 

On Kunshan’s beautiful (and green) campus, students can dive right into their studies with the help of knowledgeable professors and top-notch research labs. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

Despite being taught in English, Kunshan’s graduate programs have students from 13 different countries and counting.

6. Masters in Nonprofit Management & Leadership at Rothberg International School

You can complete a one-year graduate program through which you can complete an internship in the nonprofit sector.

 This master’s program’s English-language classes are held in Israel. 

Students in this program take classes with a range of topics as their focus, such as marketing for nonprofits, fundraising, and finances.

 One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

During an internship with a nearby nonprofit, students will have the chance to conduct research with teachers and put their education into practice. 

This program will enable you to influence societal change.

7. Mente Argentina: Master’s in International Relations

Enroll in this 15-month Buenos Aires-based international graduate program in international relations. 

The host institution is Universidad de Belgrano, one of Argentina’s top universities. 

Students who sign up for the program through Mente Argentina are eligible for advantages like help with the student visa application process, acceptance guarantees, and enrollment guarantees. 

To enroll in Spanish language classes, students must speak the language at an advanced level. 

Don’t worry if you’re not quite there yet; earning your graduate degree in international relations abroad gives you the chance to take intensive Spanish classes once a month prior to the start of the Master Courses. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this.

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8. Master’s in Business Management at the University of Zurich

You can learn how to conduct business in the European and Chinese markets by pursuing this graduate degree in international business overseas. 

In today’s globalized world, mutual intercultural understanding is essential for conducting business, and this is precisely what our curriculum aims to provide. 

A unique approach to learning with professors and business experts from China and Europe is provided by the MAS-ECBM program. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

Together, they will participate in lessons from China, Europe, and other nations, fostering a cross-cultural learning environment.

9. Master’s in International Business at the University of Economics

Enroll at the University of Economics to fulfill your dream of becoming a global business leader. 

Your professional development is our top priority, and it’s designed to get you ready for leadership positions in domestic or global corporations. 

Along with learning skills that any prospective employer would adore, there is also the chance to study for two degrees in countries like France, Finland, Germany, and Sweden, among others, and earn two degrees. 

At this university, which is home to a diverse student body from more than 30 different countries, there are many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

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10. HSBC Business School at Peking University, Shenzhen Campus

Chinese students can study abroad in one of these graduate programs in international business. 

There are 3 MA programs (in management, finance, and economics) and 1 MBA program available at the Shenzhen campus. 

A well-known institution in and of itself, Peking University is renowned for its excellent business school. 

Peking University is a member of the C9 league, also known as the Chinese Ivy League. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this.

11. Masters of Psychology at University College of London

Graduate psychology programs are available at UCL from one of the largest psychology departments in the country. 

The department’s faculty members are among the best and brightest given its size. 

This program, whose faculty consists of top academics, is ranked second to Harvard in the world for its research in the field. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

In addition to having a top-notch faculty, this university offers 20 master’s degrees in a range of subjects from across the discipline. 

A faculty of superheroes and a wide range of course options are a surefire recipe for success.

12. Masters of Psychology at the University of Melbourne

One of the top psychology schools in the world, the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences attracts top talent. 

Melbourne University’s graduate psychology programs have been around for 70 years and are well-known worldwide. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

The university’s hands-on clinic gives students the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice in addition to providing a top-notch education. 

By offering services to actual clients, students in this program can gain real-world experience while earning their degrees.

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13. Master’s Programs at École Normale Supérieure

If you’re on a tight budget and want to study in France, this is the institution for you. 

You can enroll in one of the most reasonably priced graduate programs abroad for less than $1,000 in tuition. 

All public French universities offer free tuition to all students, including those outside the EU. 

One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

If you are seriously interested in conducting research and interacting with the best math and science professors, this is unquestionably your dream school. 

Because English is not used to teach the courses here, make sure your French is top-notch.

14. Master’s Programs at the University of Barcelona

With a 564-year history, 5,715 professors, lecturers, and researchers, a tuition price of under $5,000, and a knack for numbers, one might say that the University of Barcelona. 

With 273 affordable graduate programs abroad and more popping up every day, your learning opportunities are endless! 

Even if you don’t speak Spanish well, this university offers courses in three other languages, so it won’t be a problem. 

Enroll in the master’s program of your choice here to say hello to discounts. One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this.

15. Master’s Programs at Freie Universität Berlin

Free instruction at a renowned German university. The Free University of Berlin is one of the most affordable graduate programs abroad, to use its literal translation.

 One of the best options for master’s programs in study abroad is this. 

In addition to having a diverse student body and a reputation for excellent research, it is also free. 

Choose from more than 70 master’s programs to advance your education while studying in Berlin, a beautiful and historic city.

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Regardless of the institution you choose or the field, you’ll study, participating in graduate study abroad programs and earning your master’s abroad will give you the chance to develop both academically and personally in fascinating ways. 

Although choosing to attend graduate school is a big decision, there is no need to feel intimidated. 

Find a great program of your own, settle down in the country of your choosing, and keep succeeding!

Frequently Asked Questions 

In a Master’s program, is studying abroad possible? 

Can graduate students travel abroad to study? Absolutely! During your graduate degree, you can either spend a term studying abroad or you can finish your master’s program entirely abroad. 

Can I receive a Master’s degree for free abroad? 

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden all provide opportunities for free or inexpensive study: Regardless of study level or nationality, all students in Norway have access to free university education.

Can a struggling student pursue an international education? 

Applying for reputable international scholarships is a good way to avoid taking out loans to pay for your higher education abroad if you don’t have enough money. You should submit an application to some economical or cost-effective nations, such as Canada and Germany if you don’t have enough money. 

Which exam is necessary for studying abroad? 

The GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and ACT are the most well-liked and significant entrance exams for studying abroad. Students who perform well on these international competitive exams may also be eligible for scholarships.


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