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How to Apply for a Student Visa in Finland Requirements, Cost, Eligibility, & Process

Finland is one of the first nations that come to mind when considering high-quality education. Therefore, if you consider attending a Finnish university, we will discuss the student visa process in this post. It is sufficient to obtain a student visa for a brief period if you plan to study in Finland for less than three months.


Please note that students who intend to enroll in language classes in Finland are eligible for a 3-month student visa. They are also for pupils who must sit for a university entrance exam.

Also, it is for students whose exchange study period in Finland is scheduled to last more than three months. Moreover, students who come to Finland to pursue doctoral studies or research must apply for a residence permit for scientific research instead of the usual residence permit.

A student visa online application typically takes two to three months to process. The processing time for applications submitted in person is three months.

You might still need to visit your local Finnish embassy to prove your identity for online transactions. Additionally, applications for student visas are given top consideration by the Finnish Immigration Service. Therefore, overseas students might not have to wait too long to hear from them after submitting their visa applications.

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7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Finland 

Are you considering going to Finland to study abroad? Finland is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a top-notch education abroad because it has one of the world’s best educational systems and several highly regarded colleges.

You’re sure to find a Finnish study-abroad destination ideal for you, whether it’s the coastal capital of Helsinki, the historic university town of Turku, or the well-known inland city of Tampere. 

1. A World-Class Education System

More than 14,000 international students have previously picked Finland as their study-abroad destination because Finland has one of the world’s finest-performing educational systems.

Regarding math, science, and reading scores, Finland outperforms the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. As of 2019, Finnish universities were ranked among the top 3 percent worldwide.

Finnish educational institutions work to equip pupils with the skills necessary to live fulfilling lives from an early age.

From preschool through university, students are taught using a multi-disciplinary method that integrates self-study, problem-solving, and self-development, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

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2. Affordable Tuition Fees

While tuition at Finnish universities is free for citizens of Finland and other EU nations, it can cost anywhere between €6,000 and €16,000 per year for international students.

In Finland, there are enough financial opportunities for education. Several colleges often give international students large scholarships, primarily based on academic achievement. Some colleges might provide a full scholarship, although it’s more typical for scholarships to offer a percentage tuition fee reduction.

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3. Equality and Freedom

The Finnish educational system is built on the principles of equality and freedom. All students in Finland have an equal chance to acquire a top-notch education, and because Finnish institutions have a flat organizational structure, most students know their teachers by their first names.

Another fundamental characteristic of Finnish universities is academic freedom. In Finland, unlike the United States or the United Kingdom, students can choose the courses they want to take, resulting in a diversified set of skills and knowledge for each graduate.

4. A High Standard of Living 

Finland offers families and students a good standard of living nationwide. The Finnish healthcare and education systems are world-class, and most students find the cost of living manageable, especially since there are several national student discounts for food and transportation.

Work-life balance is a significant component of Finnish culture. Work, study, and vacation are all given equal priority, so employees and students can use their spare time to unwind with loved ones and enjoy the results of their labor. Sauna, anyone?

5. Otherworldly Travel Destinations

Finland’s abundance of sights, attractions, and natural wonders in any season will satiate your wanderlust.

Depending on the season, you can visit Lake Saimaa or the Archipelago National Park if you’ve always wanted to see Finnish nature’s splendor. You might even be fortunate to see the northern lights or the midnight sun.

History lovers can enjoy Finland’s outdoor museums, such as Seurasaari, Luostarinmäki, and the Suomenlinna stronghold. In contrast, others would prefer to go to Tampere’s Moomin Museum, which contains exhibits devoted to these well-known literary characters.

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Job Opportunities for Students

Most Finnish universities offer career services to international students, which is good news for those interested in careers. Whether you’re looking for part-time work while you’re still in school or a full-time career after you graduate, they can help you with your job hunt.

In Finland, having part-time work while you study is widespread; according to Statistics Finland, 55% of university students reported having a contract while they were enrolled.

Your student visa will allow you to work up to 25 hours per week if you want to work part-time during your semester abroad. This brings us to the seventh and last justification for studying abroad in Finland.

Pathways to Permanent Residency for Expats

You will be given a 1-year post-study visa to cover your stay while you look for a job if you are an international student who falls in love with Finland and decides to stay after graduating.

You can apply for a work-based residence visa as soon as you land a job that pays you on a full-time basis. Additionally, work-based residence permits are a step toward permanent residency; after four years of continuous employment in Finland, you’ll be qualified for a permanent residence visa.

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What Are The Best Places To Study Abroad In Finland in 2023?

Finland has a vast range of economic, social, and political factors, making it a significant location for all facets of society worldwide. Any student wishing to continue his education in Finland may enquire which cities are the most significant for academic pursuits.

Don’t worry; in the following article, we’ll concentrate on a crucial topic: the greatest cities in Finland where you can study, along with a breakdown of their housing and living expenses.

  • Helsinki City In Finland
  •  Turku City In Finland
  •  Tampere City In Finland
  •  Oulu City In Finland

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What are the Requirements to Study Abroad in Finland in 2023?

The following documents are required:

For studies, you require a residency permit. Typically, a student residence permit is issued for the duration of the program. A residency permit can only be issued while your passport is still in force.

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You can only study in Finland for up to 90 days without residency authorization. You could need a visa even if you stay in Finland for fewer than 90 days. A connection to another website

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Do You Have To Speak Finnish or Swedish To Study Abroad in Finland?

Your peaceful life as an international student in Finland depends on your proficiency in English. You could study Swedish or Finnish, of course, but let’s face it: nobody can genuinely speak just in consonants.

Putting jokes aside, you will need to take a language test if your native tongue is anything other than English, Swedish, or Finnish. UAS typically offers written or oral language exams, in the form of interviews, with prospective students. Universities, however, will formally require an English certificate.

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How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Finland?

Finland is regarded as one of Europe’s financial havens because there are no tuition costs for students from Switzerland, the EU, or the EEA.

This implies that you can shift your emphasis away from paying for school and instead utilize your money to pay for living expenses or perhaps set aside some cash for travel.

Students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA must pay tuition beginning in the fall of 2017. Depending on the degree and university you select, they typically range from 4,000 to 18,000 EUR per year.

Consider the University of Turku as an illustration. Here, the cost of tuition for students from outside the EU/EEA is between EUR 2,000 and 12,000 per academic year:

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What Are Scholarships To Study Abroad In Finland in 2023?

The Finland Scholarships are intended for talented non-EU/EEA students who wish to enroll in an international master’s program at a Finnish university but are subject to tuition expenses. Please note that Master’s degrees in UAS are not eligible for these awards.

This program also includes Finland Ph.D. Fellowships for doctoral-level coursework and research at Finnish universities.


For talented non-EU/EEA students who are subject to tuition fees and apply for international bachelor’s or master’s programs, all Finnish institutions and universities of applied sciences (UAS) provide scholarship possibilities of their own.


There is financing available for research projects if you are going to Finland to complete your doctorate (Ph.D.), such as the national EDUFI Fellowships. Additionally, the universities offer paid doctoral research posts or administer their doctoral funding programs.

Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial Learn To Fly Scholarship

The 63-year aviation career of Dan L. Meisinger Sr. inspired the creation of the Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship. Executive Beechcraft, with its headquarters in Kansas, was founded by him.

University of Helsinki Scholarships for International Students

The University of Helsinki is one of the Best scholarship programs, designed for exceptional students from outside the EU/EEA who desire to enroll in a Master’s program there. When applying to a master’s program at the University of Helsinki, grants might be requested.

University of Tampere Scholarships for International Students

The University of Tampere will launch its scholarship program for students enrolled in English-taught Master’s degree programs who must pay tuition. The most talented fee-paying students will be eligible for several scholarships.

University of Oulu Masters Scholarships for International Students

The Finland scholarships are intended for students enrolled in the two-year international Master’s programs at the University of Oulu.

A student must have 55 ECTS completed by the end of the preceding academic year to keep their Scholarship for the following academic year. Students who do not meet this condition must pay the full foreign tuition charge to finish their Master’s degree program.

Protein Science International Masters Scholarship at University of Oulu Finland

A scholarship program for the international Master’s degree in Protein Science and Biotechnology at the University of Oulu has also been established by the medical field to aid academically gifted international students.

  How to Apply for a Student Visa in Finland Requirements, Cost, Eligibility, & Process

International degree students beginning their studies in the autumn semester are not subject to tuition costs at the university.

University of Helsinki International Student Scholarship Grant

The University of Helsinki provides an international student grant program for Master’s degree scholarships. About 50 start-up funds are available from the University of Helsinki to suitable applicants who are accepted into an international master’s degree program.

Aalto University Scholarship

All nationalities can choose from various Master’s programs offered by Aalto University, all of which are taught exclusively in English. For these programs, Aalto University provides several full scholarships for non-EU/EEA (foreign) citizens. By merit, the scholarships will be awarded.

UNU-WIDER Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship for International Researchers

Registered doctorate students may use UNU-resources WIDER and facilities for their dissertation or thesis research and collaborate with scholars in fields of interest to both parties through the UNU-WIDER Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship Program.

Before departing for their home institution, visiting Ph.D. fellows often stay at UNU-WIDER for three consecutive months. Fellows prepare one or more research articles while they are in Helsinki and deliver a presentation on their findings.

United Nations University – WIDER Ph.D. Internships for International Students

Registered doctorate candidates may use UNU-WIDER facilities and resources for their dissertation or thesis research through the UNU-WIDER Ph.D. Internship and collaborate with UNU-WIDER researchers on projects of common interest.

Ph.D. interns prepare one or more research articles while they are in Helsinki and deliver a session on their results. The WIDER Working Paper Series may offer Ph.D. interns the chance to publish their work.

Finland Government Scholarships for International Students

Young researchers from all academic disciplines are welcome to apply to the Finland Government Scholarship Pool initiative. The Scholarship cannot be used for post-Doctoral studies, research, or Master’s level coursework.

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool program application is not for a study or research post. This is only a financing request.

CIMO Doctoral Fellowship for International Students

Doctoral-level students pursuing their doctorate (or double doctorate) in a Finnish university are the program’s main target audience.

All applicants from around the world are eligible for the program. However, applications from North America, Chile, Brazil, China, India, and Russia are given priority when judgments about scholarships are made.

EDUFI Fellowships Program for Young Doctoral Students

Young doctoral students and researchers from all nations and academic disciplines are eligible for the EDUFI Fellowships program. The program does not support post-doctoral study or research at the Master’s level.

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What Are The Best Programs To Study Abroad In Finland?

Students are choosing to study abroad in Finland more frequently than in India each year due to the popularity of Finland education.

The job options for students have expanded along with the introduction of more courses. There are a few courses among the many options available that are particularly well-liked by the students.

  • Engineering
  •  Computer Science
  •  Information Technology
  •  Business Administration
  •  Medicine
  •  Law
  •  Social Sciences
  •  Hospitality and Tourism

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How To Pack For Study Abroad In Finland?

Putting your life into a few suitcases and traveling abroad to study can sound intimidating if the longest time you’ve spent away from home was a two-week holiday.

Especially if the new location is completely different from your current one. What can you do to ensure that you are prepared, then?

You can do many things to get ready, from packing the appropriate clothing to making sure you have the required visa, booking accommodations, and learning the local language (or at least the fundamentals!).

To learn how they made sure they were prepared to study abroad in Finland, we talked to a few international students at the University of Eastern Finland.

  • Clothes 
  •  Toiletries
  •  Cash
  •  School supplies or books
  •  Electronics
  •  Snacks
  •  Your doctor’s Prescriptions
  •  Important Documents such as your passport, student visa, etc
  •  Hand luggage(purse or wallet,sunglasses)
  •  Hand sanitizer, Bandages 

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Steps To Prepare You For Study Abroad In Finland 

As you can see, studying abroad presents uncommon possibilities and experiences, but it also necessitates living away from family and friends in unfamiliar settings.

It will take some time to adjust. Here are some ideas for accelerating and streamlining this process:

1 :Attend Events and Gathering

2: Discover and join the student club

3: find a part-time job (if interested in working )


Is studying in Finland free?

Finland has somehow managed to keep university education entirely state-funded, but not all can be found for free.

How many years of the gap is accepted for study in Finland?

Five years gap is usually accepted. 

How much money do you need for a Finland student visa?

560 euros per month


As you get ready to study abroad in Finland, remember that going to some beautiful nations on the globe, like Finland, is a terrific learning experience and adventure.


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