Stop Pampering Me Novel by Jin Xin

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Stop Pampering Me Novel Summary.

A carefully planned laboratory explosion, genius Dr. X, Qin Luo’s rebirth. A team. He pampered his daughter, Luo Xi, and from then on, fate changed.

Parents pampered her, brothers pampered her, and all her family and friends pampered her. Her future husband pampered her even more, and his pampered her to the heavens. His pampered daughter expressed that life needed a bit of wind and waves…

Along the way, she had overcome all obstacles, unraveled the conspiracies of her previous life, humiliated her, and avenged her.

Saying that she was trash? Sorry, her IQ had come online, and she had become the top scorer in the college entrance examination!

Say that she only knows how to read and do not know how to earn money? I’m sorry, her research has gone public one by one and she has become the only female tycoon in the top ten of the global billionaire list!

Her future husband proposed online: “Marry me, and you’ll be the richest man. You’ll support me, how about it?”.

Stop Pampering Me Novel by Jin Xin
Stop Pampering Me Novel by Jin Xin

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