Still With You Novel by Bluey

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Still With You Novel Summary.

STILL WITH YOU BLURB Crown prince Lee Soobin of Joseon…. Lived a quiet life in Songju village right from his childhood with his eunuch and court lady.

Crown prince who lived half of his life trained in becoming the next ruler of the kingdom but was raised outside the palace no one knows his identity.

no one has ever seen his face the people only know that there’s a prince. Only few officials know how he looks like but no one know where he is….he only co,Es to the palace for important occasions but on a mask.

He comes in discreetly and leaves discreetly…. But a young lady catches his attention…she’s a very pretty maiden but from a lower class… Han – Byul Unaware of his identity.

falls in love with Soobin…they planned on spending their entire lives with each other… Soobin was summoned to the palace for to take over his princely duties and start his life.

He promised his beloved he would come back for her .. He and his entourage were ambushed… He was found unconscious….he was returned to the palace… Lost his memory having no memories of his past nor his beloved.

found himself as King with a Queen. So many questions left unanswered… Who ambushed Soobin ? What happened to Byul ? Did they cross paths ?

Did she move on with her life? Did Soobin regain his memory? Will their love prevail against all odds despite having a Queen ?.

Still With You Novel by Bluey
Still With You Novel by Bluey

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