Stevenson University Acceptance Rate | Admissions, Requirements, & How to Apply

Stevenson University acceptance rate, admissions, requirements, & how to apply in 2024

Getting into a university is not an easy thing to do. You have to take some tests and submit some required documents. Sometimes, you have to be interviewed by the school you applied to. 

All these and more makes entering a university a tough one. 

However, in this article, we will be focusing on Stevenson University. We will go all over their requirements for admission. 

So in case you are planning to apply to the school, you will be able to have first-hand knowledge about what the school requires for admission in 2024.

This article will teach you about the Stevenson University acceptance rate, admissions, requirements, and how to apply. Keep reading.

About Stevenson University

Villa Julie College became Stevenson University in 1947. Stevenson University was established in 2008 to reflect the college’s growing size, expanding mission, and breadth of academic offerings. 

The University serves over 2,700 undergraduates and nearly 900 online students and is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences, a connection to a career, and a community focused on student success.

Education at Stevenson is defined by exceptional experiences, connections to careers, and a welcoming, dynamic community where you’ll find the opportunities, mentoring, and support you need to define your vision of success. 

Prepare for opportunities only Stevenson can provide: small classes with caring faculty and experiences that allow you to explore, create, lead, connect, and succeed during and after your years as a Stevenson student.

The student-faculty ratio at Stevenson University is 15:1, and 72.4% of its classes have fewer than 20 students. 

The most popular majors at Stevenson University are Health Professions and Related Programs; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Education; Psychology; Visual and Performing Arts; Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Related Protective Services; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; and Legal Professions and Studies. 

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What is the Stevenson University Acceptance Rate?

Stevenson University has an acceptance rate of 80.8% and is a low-stress university. Law School has a 100% acceptance rate, while Dental School, Medical School, Pharmacy School, Physical Therapy School, and Veterinary School have an 87% acceptance rate.

Applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a TOEFL iBT score of 80 will be considered for admission to Stevenson University’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in 28 disciplines and 12 fields of study, respectively.

Stevenson University accepts applications for graduate programs all year, while undergraduate students can apply for the fall or spring semester. 

International graduate students should submit their applications at least one month before the start of their program. 

It is strongly advised that international students complete all requirements for admission to the fall semester by February 1, as applications will be accepted on a space-available basis after that date.

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What Is Stevenson University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Transfer students comprise 22.0% of Stevenson University’s student body so that you won’t be alone.

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In 2022, Stevenson University received 692 transfer applicants.

The school accepted 519 students. As a result, the transfer acceptance rate at Stevenson University is 75.0%.

This demonstrates the difficulty of transferring to Stevenson University.

You must have a current GPA of at least 3.1, preferably around 3.22, to be considered for transfer to Stevenson University. In addition, you will be required to submit standardized test results.

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Is Stevenson University Hard To Get Into?

Stevenson University has an acceptance rate of 80.8%. It has the 25th lowest acceptance rate in Maryland. 

If you meet the admission requirements, Stevenson University is an easy school to get into, with a high chance of acceptance. Last year, 3,725 applicants were accepted out of a total of 4,177.

Stevenson University typically accepts and attracts students with a “B” average in high school and a GPA of around 3.0. 

Most first-year students graduate in the top half of their high school class. Only 18% of those admitted chose to attend the school.

Because Stevenson University is a small private liberal arts college with a great atmosphere, direct interaction with professors is significantly higher than most other schools in the area, including UMBC and Towson. 

Many students praise Stevenson’s intimate classroom setting and the ease of approaching their professor one-on-one. 

They are also repeatedly reminded that Stevenson is a career-oriented university with friendly and engaging professors and a high rate of people who get jobs when they graduate.

There are so many different kinds of people, but you can hang out with anyone, and there aren’t any groups of people such as jocks, nerds, or rebels. Diversity among students is a source of pride for many Stevenson students.

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Does Stevenson University Require Test Scores?

The test is not required for the fall 2023 first-year application process. They do not require SAT or ACT scores as part of the scholarship application or review process. 

Students may submit their SAT or ACT scores if they so desire. Your test scores will have no bearing on your admission decision.

However, students interested in pre-health programs should consider taking the SAT or ACT during their senior year of high school. 

While test scores are not required at Stevenson, some graduate health programs require them as part of the application process. 

When completing the application, your school counsellor can electronically submit documents via Naviance and the Common Application. 

Transcripts from high schools and community colleges that use the Electronic Transmission Transcript System can also be accepted electronically. 

If you or your school counsellor have any questions about how to submit your application materials, please contact [email protected].

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What Are The Admission Requirements For Stevenson University?

Before your admission can be reviewed, you must meet the following requirements:


You can send the Common Application or the Stevenson Online Application. A $40 non-refundable application processing fee is required if you submit a paper application. 

All methods of application are equally valid. Applicants are not given preferential treatment based on the application they choose.

High School Transcript

You must provide an official copy of your most recent high school transcript. Your high school transcripts are sealed. Electronic transcripts are accepted if your high school chooses to submit them electronically.


The essay allows the Admissions Committee to get to know you beyond your grades and test scores. You must only answer one essay question. 

They use the Common Application essay questions on all versions of their application. 

Please keep in mind that, despite the fact that the Common Application states that responses can be as short as 250 words, they require your essay to be approximately 500 words/2 typed pages.

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Recommendation letter(s)

For Fall 2022 freshman applicants, a letter of recommendation is not required. Students may request letters of recommendation from school counsellors or teachers. 

Recommendation letters can be submitted through the Stevenson application or the Common Application.

Copy of Resident Alien Card

If you are a permanent resident of the United States, you must submit a copy of the front and back of your Resident Alien card before your application can be considered. Please contact your admissions counsellor if unsure whether this applies to you.

Standardized Testing 

The test is not required for the freshman application process in the fall of 2023. The school does not require SAT or ACT scores as part of the scholarship application or review process. 

If students wish, they may submit their SAT or ACT scores. Your test scores will not be considered in your admission decision.


Appointments for admission interviews are available. It is preferable to schedule this interview as soon as possible after submitting your application.

When you meet with your counselor, it will be far more helpful if you have your application materials or, at the very least, an unofficial transcript.


You are welcome to submit a personal resume outlining your extracurricular activities and any awards or honors you have received.

Visual Arts & Design Portfolios

Students interested in majoring in Fashion Design, Film & Moving Image, or Graphic Design can submit a portfolio of work to be considered for talent-based scholarships at the School of Design.

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What Are The Transfer Requirements For Stevenson University?

Transfer students must meet the following requirements before their admission can be reviewed:


Completed the Application for Undergraduate Admission online, on paper, or through the Common Application.

Official Transcripts

Transcripts from each college attended. A final transcript must be sent upon completion of any current coursework. 

Submit an official high school transcript or GED, as well as SAT/ACT scores, if you have completed less than 28 college academic credits at the time of application. Other documents required include:

  • Standardized test
  • Interview
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • An essay discussing the academic history and career goals

Visual Arts & Design Portfolios

Students planning to major in Fashion Design, Film & Moving Image, or Graphic Design are encouraged to submit a portfolio of work to enhance their application and be considered for talent-based scholarships.

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Stevenson University?

Most institutes expect students to meet the GPA requirement, which is the bare minimum for applying, without being immediately rejected. The GPA requirement is important to be admitted to your desired University.

Stevenson University’s average GPA requirement is 3.1; the institute accepts all applicants with this score. 

You will be admitted to the institute if you are a B-average student with some A grades on your report card. However, you must avoid both C’s and D’s.

It’s primarily because the institute’s experts begin to doubt your ability to handle the stress of university academics. 

Changing your GPA in time for all of your college applications may be difficult if you’re a senior or a junior.

However, if your GPA is 3.1 or lower, you will need a much higher ACT or SAT score to compensate. 

This will allow you to compete with applicants with much higher GPAs than you.

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Stevenson University GPA Requirements?

Like many other educational institutions, Stevenson University typically has specific GPA requirements for admission, academic standing, and graduation. Here are some common GPA requirements:

Admission GPA

Stevenson University might have a minimum GPA requirement for incoming students applying for undergraduate programs. This requirement can vary depending on the specific program or major. Generally, a higher GPA is often required for more competitive programs.

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Academic Standing

Once enrolled, students must maintain a certain GPA to maintain good academic standing. Falling below a specific GPA threshold may result in academic probation or even dismissal from the university.

Graduation GPA

To be eligible for graduation and earn a degree, students are usually required to have a minimum overall GPA, which can differ based on the degree level (e.g., bachelor’s, master’s) and the academic department.

How Can You Apply To Stevenson University?

The applications listed below are for students interested in attending Stevenson University in traditional, on-campus programs. 

Please click here to enroll in Stevenson University Online (SUO) programs. (ATB and RN to BS students must submit an SUO application.)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, and you can expect a decision within 2-3 weeks of submitting your application. Review the materials required based on your application status using the tabs below.

First-year Students: Freshmen are high school students who have taken college credits before receiving their high school diploma.

Transfer Students: If you graduated from high school, obtained a GED, and then attended another university or college, you are considered a transfer student.

Deadlines for Freshman Admission

  • The deadline for the Presidential Fellowship is November 1.
  • Priority Scholarship Consideration begins on December 1.
  • January 15 – Visual Arts Scholarship Deadline
  • Scholarship for Theater and Media Performance Deadline
  • Deadline for Service and Leadership Scholars
  • The deadline for final scholarship consideration is February 1.
  • February 15 – Priority Deadline for Free Application for Federal Student Aid: Students should complete the FAFSA by this date, even if they have not yet received their admission decision. The federal school code for SU is 002107. Please see Financial Aid for more information.
  • March 1 – Freshman Application Materials Deadline: Applications received after March 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.
  • May 1 – Deposit Deadline: The enrollment deposit for the freshman class is $300 and is non-refundable after May 1.

Additionally, transfer students receive admissions decision letters on a rolling basis, beginning in January for the fall semester and October for the spring semester.

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What Are The Alternatives to Stevenson University?

Below are the alternatives to Stevenson University:

  • McDaniel College
  • Hood College
  • Goucher College
  • Shippensburg University
  • Ursinus College
  • The Ohio State University

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Stevenson University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States. You must be very specific about the requirements and deadlines to be admitted here. 

Having all necessary documents ready before the beginning is best to stay on track throughout the admissions process. On a rolling basis, admission decisions are made. 

Applicants should expect a decision on their application within two to three weeks of submitting it. Don’t forget to apply for an I-20 after you’ve been accepted. 

Remember that some required documents have deadlines before April 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

I hope you find this article helpful

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Does Stevenson University have Early Decision and Early Action deadlines?

Stevenson University does not advocate for Early Decision or Early Action. The University accepts undergraduate program applications for the fall and spring semesters. Graduate program applicants can apply at any time of the year.

In what ways can I submit my application for admission to Stevenson University?

Stevenson University accepts applications in three ways. To apply, fill out the Common Application, the Stevenson University Online Application, or a paper application.

Is there any application fee for applying to Stevenson University?

Stevenson University does not charge an application fee for online applications. However, there is a fee of $40 for the paper application.

Does Stevenson University require SAT or ACT scores for admission?

All freshmen applicants to Stevenson University must submit either SAT or ACT scores. The University accepts self-reported scores. (ACT code: 1753; SAT code: 5856)

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