Stepbrothers Raven Novel by Billiejo Priestley

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Stepbrothers Raven Novel Summary.

Raven is used to living out of a suitcase, her mothers views of love revolve around how much money the man has and that often leads to them moving with every new partner her mother has.

However, Raven’s past is dark, bloody and traumatic. Raven is wild and likes to be free, and having enough of her, her mother gives her the address they are moving to next.

Only when getting there, Raven is shocked when the man says he is her father and her mum no longer wants her.

Not as shocked as when she realises her father is just like her mum and only interested in women with money.

As Raven tries to settle in the new town, she struggles to release her haunting past, and her stepbrothers, are quick to take her under their power and look after her seeing her father doesn’t care.

Yet, Raven feels more than just the usual stepsibling love for them and finds herself craving them in more ways than others.

While their mother doesn’t care, Raven’s dad is explicit in his thoughts, deeming her the reason he will be left homeless.

He makes a move to hurt Raven, and goes back to her past, only it’s a deadly move and Raven knows just like before, everyone she loves will die now her past has collided with her future.

Stepbrothers Raven Novel by Billiejo Priestley
Stepbrothers Raven Novel by Billiejo Priestley

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