Steampunk Apocalypse by SnoozySloth

SnoozySloth’s Steampunk Apocalypse is a gripping horror and thriller novel that takes place in a world where an apocalypse has occurred, destroying all electronics and causing wars and famines. 

Summary of Steampunk Apocalypse 

The plot revolves around Edward Tesla, a young inventor born during the Mana Apocalypse who is determined to protect those he cares about from the seven nightmares with strange powers and mutants who have taken over the majority of the world.

Edward’s story is about his quest to use his inventions to defeat nightmares and save the world. He designs steam rifles, tanks, and mechs that he hopes will outperform all previous inventions. Despite the challenges and obstacles he faces, Edward is adamant about protecting his loved ones and restoring the world to its former glory.

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Steampunk Apocalypse! by SnoozySloth
Steampunk Apocalypse! by SnoozySloth

As the story unfolds, it introduces political factions, wars, steam tech, and mana mysteries, among others. Although the story starts in America, it later visits China, Europe, Africa, and other areas of the world. While the early chapters may be a bit rough and need rewriting, the author assures readers that the story improves significantly from Chapter 21 and onwards.

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Steampunk Apocalypse is an imaginative and thrilling novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The author’s use of steam technology and magic to create a post-apocalyptic world is fascinating, and the character development and plot twists make for an engaging and unpredictable read.

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