Does Starz Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Starz Student Discount

As a devoted subscriber of Starz, using the Starz student discount will be quite interesting because you pay less while streaming movies and television shows.

The Starz app also appeals to streamers because it is compatible with all the main streaming devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and more. 

This means that unnecessary complex setups are no longer necessary.

We devour all available streaming entertainment, so if you’ve been itching to watch Starz-only programs like Ash vs. Evil Dead, Spartacus, Black Sails, Outlander, Power, and American Gods, we’ve got you covered!

You should read this article if you’re looking for information regarding Starz student discounts.

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About Starz

A corporation called STARZ mostly provides services for streaming movie episodes. 

It is possible to find a wide variety of TV and movie resources, including choices for action, must-watch series, film noir, comedy, records, horror, kids, families, science fiction, and other series.

It also frequently publishes new series to adapt to shifting consumer needs. 

Starz is available 24/7, is viewable online and may be downloaded and saved for later watching. 

Additionally, it provides great interoperability and enables up to 4 devices to be used simultaneously.

Starz is a well-known global provider of media and entertainment. It also produces and disperses worldwide high-quality streaming content.

Pricing is based on viewer subscriptions across multiple television platforms. STARZ ENCORE is producing it.

There are also 17 premium pay-TV channels, its well-known Starz app, on-demand services, and the internet.

Its registered trademark is Starz Play Arabia. Additionally, it offers its creations on the internet through cable and satellite companies, telecommunications companies, and multichannel video distributors.

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Who Qualifies for Starz Student Discount?

It is understood that any business offering a Starz student discount intends for it to represent a specific portion of any purchases made by a consumer.

To that end, all students and, typically, all customers are eligible for the Starz student discount. 

Anyone at least 16 years old, enrolled full-time in a college, high school, or another type of educational institution, or even better, who is making a living, may be qualified.

If you are taking an apprenticeship, you may also be eligible for the Starz student discount.

As a result, signing up and presenting proof of identification as a student is required to get thousands of free Starz student discounts.

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Does Starz Have a Student Discount?

Student discounts are special offers tailored specifically for college students. 

STARZ offers college students an extra 10%–20% off for both in-store and online purchases.

As a student, family members and friends may give you a gift card. Additionally, your gift card has a 16-digit number on the back.

Furthermore, when you use a gift card, the whole value is applied to your STARZ account, and you are given access to the gift card’s full value.

Please be aware that gift cards bought from third parties cannot be used at STARZ to pay for subscriptions. 

So, using gift cards is another option to obtain a Starz student discount.

Starz gives all college and high school students a special price.

Simply learn more about the STARZ student discount before buying the required school supplies.

The most recent versions of browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, streaming devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets powered by Windows 8 or later, are all supported by Starz.

Student discounts for STARZ are frequently intriguing. Why? Because this deal can make it possible for people to buy goods for less money.

Read the following responses to find out the procedures for obtaining a STARZ student discount.

To begin with, confirm that your youngster is eligible for the STARZ Education Program. In most cases, the site is where you may find the Education Program.

Second, you must provide your personal information on a new student account registration form.

Third, activate your account by clicking the verification link.

Fourth, you’ll receive an email with a 15% student discount code after the validation.

Apply the STARZ Promo Codes and Promotion Codes, and you will be able to receive substantial discounts.

You may save up to 50% on various goods with STARZ student discounts.

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How Do I get Starz Student Discount Card in 2023?

Students can use plastic student discount cards that resemble credit cards to pay for various goods and services at Starz and receive full-price discounts.

Starz student discount card seeks to make college life more enjoyable, satisfying, and memorable by helping students pay for necessities and some pleasures.

When buying a ticket, students are eligible for the Starz student discount.

Show the original copy of your current student ID before making a transaction.

Installing the Starz app on the first of the month sends a mobile discount to your phone each month.

However, keep in mind that depending on where you are, the Starz student discount may differ from elsewhere.

The actions below should be followed to obtain a Starz Student Discount Card:

1: Visit and click “Get Your Card” in the top right corner as the first step.

2: Provide your email address (and confirm it)

3: Enter the name of your training company.

4: Complete the course information form (length of study, discipline, etc.)

5: Choose the card and any additional features you want.

6 requires you to upload a photo of yourself.

7: Include your data

8: Pay the fee of the card.

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Do Starz Members Get Discount Online in 2023?

Yes! All users who have signed up receive a subscription discount from STARZ. 

STARZ offers significant discounts to promote its membership plan every year.

For instance, in addition to discounts of up to 50% off mid-season or clearance sales, receive an additional 10% off STARZ Membership Discount. 

You can also receive an added discount if you choose to renew your membership.

All of your STARZ membership benefits will still apply if you choose to renew your card. Just consider STARZ.

Receive 25% off your first year of Automatic Renewal, free email notifications and advice, free domestic delivery, and the flexibility to discontinue at any time. 

You’ll also learn about exclusive collection previews, festive occasions, and seasonal discount offers.

Visit the Starz website at to receive the discount.

The STARZ Membership Discount is unquestionably a practice that is advantageous to both consumers and businesses. 

If you want to receive the member discount, kindly take the advice gradually.

Step 1: To become a member, you must first sign up by supplying information such as your name, birthdate, address, phone number, and email address. Please remember to send the form once it is finished.

Step 2: There are minor differences between the free and premium subscriptions. You only need to confirm your account by email if you select free membership.

If you choose the paid option, you will have to pay the annual membership fee with a credit card or Paypal. Everything is in your hands.

Step 3: After you sign up as a user, STARZ will give you updates about sales, clearances, and other pertinent offers on a regular basis. Don’t forget to look in your spam folder as well.

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Is Starz Student Membership Worth it?

Yes. Student members of Starz receive a reasonable discount on thousands of TV program episodes and more than 7,500 movies.

Along with its captivating original content, it also offers books that have won accolades. 

If you want to add new movies to your streaming library, Starz is a terrific option.

New subscribers to STARZ can also join for a cost-free trial that lasts for seven days and can be terminated whenever they like. 

You don’t need to seek a promo code or coupon to take advantage.

Visit to start a free trial. They will prompt you to create an account after you have provided your credit card details.

If you decide not to continue, cancel before your trial is up, even though you won’t be charged immediately away because they will bill you at the start of the following monthly pay.

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Starz Promo and Coupon Code

Yes. Discounts are provided by Starz for new subscriptions. For customers who want to watch STARZ for the first time, they have introduced a special discount benefit.

Once you find this particular campaign on the STARZ website, the Coupon Code is accessible. 

Use the STARZ Promo Code directly to get the first order discount.

One promotional code may only be used at once, according to STARZ. 

If you are unable to use the STARZ Promo Code frequently, please check to see if it has already been used or expired.

You can also read the details on your STARZ promotional code to learn more about the usage rules. 

Sometimes your STARZ promotional code won’t work because it doesn’t meet the STARZ standards.


Starz student discount is a 7-day free trial and the option to get a gift card from family or friends, which may subsequently be used to pay for membership.

Please make sure you cancel your subscription to avoid recurring fees. 

Enjoy Starz programming using the Starz Student discount as a student.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Student Discount for STARZ End?

No guarantee will occur when the student discount ends. You should check the STARZ website periodically.

Does STARZ Provide Additional Discounts?

Yes. Up to 50% off Starz purchases are currently available through promo codes, deals, and other discounts. Start immediately! Utilize Your STARZ Coupons When You Shop.

Is a Starz subscription worthwhile?

If you want to add new movies to your streaming library, Starz is a terrific option.

When Does Starz Student Discount End?

Starz student discount ends on the date that Starz sets for the coupon’s expiration.
Some Starz Student discounts, however, do not have a deadline.
As a result, the promotional code can be valid until Starz sells out of the advertised item.

How to Get Starz Student Discount?

To get a Starz student discount, there’s need to register for a Starz account to receive discounts. 
Once the account has been properly created, visit the product page to browse the deals and add items to your shopping cart.
Check out and use the discounts they offer after you buy to save money. Select a platform for payment, send money there, then wait for delivery.
Furthermore, there are numerous ways to save money on Starz premium clothing and equipment.
First, follow Starz on social media to receive unique codes and sign up for their emails.
Additionally, to stay current, often check their website specials.



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