Stalking The Author Novel by Cassandra Davy

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Stalking The Author Novel Summary.

“Don’t move,” he trailed his kisses to my neck after saying it, his hands were grasping my hands, entwining his fingers with mine, putting them above my head.

His woodsy scent of cologne invades my senses and I was aroused by the simple fact that his weight was slightly crushing me. Ella had always loved Brice’s books she has been a big fan of his.

But when one night of blind date made her stumbled into her favorite author she did not mention the fact that she was crazy in love with his books.

When they connect and fall for each other, that’s when he found she finally told him and he did not accept the truth easily. And amidst the misunderstanding, the real stalker started following Ella.

Then her twin billionaire brothers (Grady and Percy) started helping her, her family got involved when Ella was getting depressed about being dumped by Brice.

Brice struggled with his feelings, he wanted to get her back. But he didn’t want her to be in the middle of his stalker situation. His desire for Ella finally made him relent,

his love for her made him get on his knee and propose. And his action just made Ella the biggest target for the stalker.

Stalking The Author Novel by Cassandra Davy
Stalking The Author Novel by Cassandra Davy

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