Split Between Three Worlds Novel by Sam reigns

Ensure you don’t miss out on this captivating novel titled, Split Between Three Worlds by Sam reigns.

Split Between Three Worlds Novel Summary.

Ethan Blaze survives death by a whisker when his whole family gets wiped out in one particular night by brutal feral creatures.

Him being seven years old, he only remembers vague images and scenes of that disturbing night. Being an orphan and the fact that he doesn’t have any known relative, Ethan Blaze transverses many foster homes and orphanages.

He runs from most of them due to the abusive treatment that he receives or in other cases, becomes such a thorn to the foster parents that he gets kicked out. With time, he became a child no foster care or orphanage was willing to take in.

This led to him being signed up in a juvenile correction facility, a place he would never even dream of escaping until he became old enough.

As he grows older, his mind develops many more questions of the night when all his family got murdered, when all his life lost meaning.

Headset on unravelling the mystery behind the murders, Ethan Blaze sets back home on his eighteenth birthday, when he finally gains his freedom from the juvenile correction facility that had held him hostage for three years.

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Ethan Blaze discovers that his family’s death was more than just an unfortunate misfortune.

He also unearths many dark secrets about his family that he never knew of, secrets that also incorporated him.

Split Between Three Worlds Novel by Sam reigns
Split Between Three Worlds Novel by Sam reigns

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