SMU Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Are you looking to know SMU’s acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

It’s not simple to get into SMU, so readers will leave this article knowing the school’s acceptance rate, the minimal requirements for admission, and some advice on how to stand out from other applicants.

However, the acceptance rate at SMU varies depending on whether an applicant submits an early or late application.

 The acceptance rate for SMU’s Early Decision applicants ranges from 55 to 65%, giving them a significantly higher chance of getting into the school. 

Financial aid is a significant factor in the SMU acceptance rate in 2023 because, even after being accepted, a student must be able to afford their tuition at SMU.

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What to know about SMU

Dallas’s SMU is a large, highly regarded research university.

 Dallas is a thriving hub of business and culture, and SMU’s entrepreneurial spirit contributes to the city’s status as a popular travel destination for people from all walks of life.

Faculty and students create knowledge in eight academic institutions covering the arts, business, education and human development, engineering, humanities, sciences, law, and theology. 

At SMU, leaders, influencers, and problem solvers flourish in a classroom setting constantly demanding their best work.

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What is SMU’s Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate at Southern Methodist University is 53%.

 In Texas, it has the 12th-lowest acceptance rate. SMU has a higher admissions bar, but qualified candidates have a good chance of getting in.

 7,379 of the 14,010 applicants who applied last year were accepted. 

The school typically only accepts students with SAT and ACT scores in the top 14% (1250/1450 for SAT, 29/33 for ACT). 

Southern Methodist University typically accepts and recruits students with a “B+” average and a 3.63 GPA. 

The majority of incoming freshmen finish their classes in the top quarter. Only 21% of applicants who were accepted chose to enroll.

High academic achievement ensures admission to this school because it has a moderately selective admissions policy. 

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A score of at least 33 on the ACT or 1450 on the SAT almost ensures admission.

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 Because the school accepts only 47.3% of applicants, your acceptance rate could reach almost 100% if you are significantly superior to the average.

  • Finance 14.1%
  • Economics 8.2%
  • Mathematics 5.4%
  • Sport and fitness administration/management4.3%
  • Marketing/marketing management4.1%
  • Mechanical engineering 3.9%
  • Accounting 3.8%
  • Biology/biological sciences 3.6%
  • Psychology 3.3%
  • Political science and government 2.9%

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What is SMU’s Transfer Acceptance Rate?

SMU accepts a competitive 74.28% of transfer applicants. 

You need a current GPA of at least 3.63 to be considered for transfer to SMU; ideally, your GPA should be around 3.78.

Additionally, the results of your standardized tests will be requested.

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Is SMU Hard to Get Into?

SMU has a moderately high admissions requirement. SMU carefully assesses applicants based on various factors before deciding who to accept, reject or place on a waitlist.

Of the 14,010 students who applied, SMU accepted 7,379, or 53% of the total applicants. 

Less than 85% of applicants are accepted by schools with a medium difficulty, like SMU. 

At least 75% of all enrolled students have a GPA in the top 50% of their high school graduating class and a SAT or ACT score of at least 1010 or above 18. 

Admission to the transfer program is moderately difficult.

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Does SMU Require Test Scores?

Standardized testing requirements vary from school to school. 

The SAT or ACT are typically required; many schools also demand SAT subject tests.

To apply to SMU, you must take the SAT or ACT. 

More importantly, a strong application requires achievement.

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SMU SAT Requirements

Southern Methodist University generally prefers the top 18 per cent of SAT scores. 

On a 1600-point scale, the school consistently lowers SAT composite scores to 1250, below which admission should be regarded as affordable. 

We predict that some students might be accepted with just a SAT score of 1150. The average SAT composite score for incoming freshmen is 1350 out of 1600. 

SMU has the country’s highest average SAT composite score, placing 83rd overall and second in Texas. 

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The school receives the SAT scores from 49% of applicants. 

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SMU ACT Requirements 

According to admissions data, SMU frequently accepts applicants with ACT scores of 29 and higher. 

The top 9 per cent of all applicants typically submit their ACT scores. 

In some circumstances, we predict that a school will accept an ACT composite score of no less than about 27.

 With an ACT composite score of 31 or higher, prospective students should rank in the top half of applicants, and those with a 33 or higher have a very competitive chance.

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What are the Admission Requirements for SMU?

  • The application fee: is $60
  • Official transcripts
  • GPA (although at least not cut off)
  • SATS (600 to 800) and ACT score (25-35)
  • Essay (length 250 – 650 words)
  • Any -which foreign language
  • TOEFL rating for non -English -origin students
  • Necessary documents
  • Filled online
  • The application fee
  • Test scores of evidence
  • Visited high school transcripts and other programs
  • Personal statement and recommendations
  • Passport and Visa Permits for International Student Students

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Transfer Requirements for SMU

Any applicant who has attended the University for a semester or longer, regardless of nationality, is eligible to apply as a transfer student. 

Transfer applicants must fulfil the prerequisites for admission set forth for high school students or high school graduates. 

Additionally, applicants will be judged based on their performance in college. 

Transfer applicants accepted at SMU must finish at least 20 courses, typically over two years, to satisfy the University’s degree requirements. 

After the applicant has been allowed to enroll in university-level courses, a decision regarding credit transfer will be made.

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SMU GPA Requirements?

In 2019, SMU freshmen had an average high school GPA of 3.64, and more than 69% of accepted students had a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

 According to these findings, most Southern Methodist University applicants who are accepted have primarily high A and low B grades. 

Using sample GPA data from more than 150 institutions, we can determine that the average GPA for admitted students at Southern Methodist University (SMU) ranges from 3.68 to 3.89. 

SMU accepted about 50% of all applicants, and 23% of those accepted students finished their degrees. 

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We anticipate that Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) acceptance rate for 2021 will be around 46% based on data from previous years.

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How to Apply to SMU

Less than half of applicants are accepted by Southern Methodist University, which has a selective admissions process. 

You stand a good chance of getting accepted if your SAT/ACT scores and GPA are in the same range as the institution’s average. 

However, SMU uses a holistic admissions process that considers elements besides your academic standing and test results. 

Your application can be strengthened by a vital essay, strong letters of recommendation, involvement in worthwhile extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load. 

Even if test results fall outside of SMU’s average range, candidates with particularly compelling stories or accomplishments may still be given serious consideration.

There are audition requirements for SMU’s music, theatre, and dance programs, and students are encouraged to submit a portfolio.

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Alternative to SMU

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel University, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette College, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford College, Pennsylvania

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Reputable Is Southern Methodist University? 

SMU provides students with a variety of incredible opportunities when making this Decision, which should be considered as students work to find the best school for them.
 On the one hand, SMU will be a good place for students who want to pursue a career in public service. 
SMU is a popular choice for students who want to attend a public university, thanks to the Bush family’s influence on the school.

What Are SMU Application Deadlines?

Fall Admission
(August entry to the University)
November 1
Early Decision I (binding)
Early Action (non-binding) Admission decisions released: mid-December
January 15
Early Decision II (binding)
Regular Decision (non-binding) Admission decisions released: mid-March
Spring Admission
(January entry to the University)
November 1
Spring Admission (non-binding)
Admission decisions released: mid-December


SMU’s admissions procedure is more stringent, and the acceptance rate for the class of 2023 is 53%.

 The early acceptance rate at SMU is 55.6%. 

A score on the SAT between 1250 and 1450a and an ACT between 29 and 33 are shared by 50% of applicants to SMU. 

Students who apply to SMU make up one-quarter of the applicants with scores above this range and one-quarter of the applicants below this range.

Students must submit their GPA to be considered for admission to SMU, according to the admissions committee at SMU.

 Additionally, according to the authorities, a student’s high school ranking plays a significant role in admissions decisions.

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