Skitterdoc 2077 Novel

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In an AU version of Worm. In this AU, Riley (Bonesaw) triggered with the QA bug controlling power while her parents were being tortured. She managed to kill Jack Slash with a few thousand angry wasps that nested nearby (there isn’t a lot of fancy footwork the Broadcast shard can do when several thousand wasps swarm you while you’re inside a building.)

Other than that, Taylor’s life proceeds as normal and she triggered in the locker starting to get Bonesaw’s original power, however at the same time she swapped places with a version of Taylor Hebert who was living, somehow, in the CP2077 universe, circa 2062. The CP2077 universe isn’t one of the alternate Earth’s the Entity’s have access to or are imperiling, so the Shard wasn’t completely transferred along with Taylor to CP2077. She ended up with mostly a Thinker power with encyclopedic knowledge of medicine, but it included some Tinker elements, but since the power level of the Shard is not quite there in this new universe, it cannot perform the usual Tinker-tech miracles. It can do some implausible things, but mostly anything she creates will have to be at least sort of possible.

Skitterdoc 2077 Novel
Skitterdoc 2077 Novel

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