Sir Damien’s Contracted Wife Novel

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Sir Damien’s Contracted Wife Novel Summary.

Sir Damien’s Contracted Wife. Synopsis: Arya was all Damien wanted in a woman. Neat, smart, passionate and responded to worries like they were hers.

The only problem was, her only memory of him was as a boy who stalked her, diagnosed with yandere syndrome that made her life a living hell.

He had a chance to her, when the father asked for the girl to be in an arranged marriage with a rich man as a way to gain money to pay her dead mother’s debts.

Arya had no choice so collaborated with Sir Damien, a man she assumed was her sister’s boyfriend, to be his arranged wife. Being the CEO of three powerful companies, her father quickly picked him.

But Sir Damien lied, he lied to Arya that their marriage was only a formality and she could leave once she found true love. He didn’t mean a word.

He’d make sure that he was her end. Her true love. His beautiful plans of having her as his became faulty when Arya’s long time crush, the son of his governor,

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began reciprocating Arya’s feelings. And his contracted wife might not be the only thing his rival was after.

Sir Damien's Contracted Wife Novel by Princess-Treasure Chuks
Sir Damien’s Contracted Wife Novel by Princess-Treasure Chuks

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