Sins Of My Blood Novel by coinikee

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Sins of my Blood Novel Summary.

Tempest Briar was supposed to be your average vampire if she hadn’t been cursed by the most unexpected person imaginable.

The one thing that was supposed to keep her alive had now become the one thing that could kill her. The curse, which she was desperate to break free of, made her allergic to blood.

And she only had a few days to live. Damon Moonves despised vampires to the core of his heart. He vowed to kill every vampire in sight, in the most painful way possible.

But when a vampire breaks into his house, his first thought is to kill her immediately, but when he sees her suffering, he decides to keep her alive and watch her die a slow and painful death.

However, fate takes an unexpected turn, causing Damon to reconsider his decision… Should he watch her suffer? Or kill her with his bare hands?.

Sins Of My Blood Novel by coinikee
Sins Of My Blood Novel by coinikee

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