She’s Raymond’s woman Novel by Jenniq

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She’s Raymond’s woman Novel Summary.

You got a very nice dream of living fine, getting married and having kids. Which is a love story with happy ending.

This was the same dream Candy always had,a young beautiful lady with a small pretty figure. Whose father just woked up one day and told her that she is getting married.

But this isn’t marriage,He is selling her off. He is selling her out to a very dangerous underground drug dealer. Whose name is Raymond.

a very cold hearted young handsome guy. Who doesn’t believe in love and marriage. All he knew about is making money and f**cking girls that caught his attention.

He is a heart breaker. A very handsome one at that. Despite all this, girls are still falling on his feet. Begging for his attention. Once Candy’s father borrowed money from him and couldn’t pay back as promised.

Raymond threatened to kill him. Candy’s father doesn’t have a choice but to sell out his daughter to him. The question here is that.

Will Raymond be able to take Candy in place of his money despite her not been his type of woman? Will Candy accept to be sold out to Raymond the drug lord?

She's Raymond's woman Novel by Jenniq
She’s Raymond’s woman Novel by Jenniq

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