She is His Baby Novel by Melli_issa

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She is His Baby Novel Summary.

Ashlin adjusted her glasses after she had bumped into him…. “I am very sorry.” She apologized immediately.

‘I’m not even at fault’ she hmphed in her head. “It’s not a problem…. Are you alright??” He asked with a smile. Someone else had his eyes on the both of them.

Ashlin is a very sweet and nice girl staying with her aunt, that admired her so much… To her aunt Kaylie she was the best child she knew.

Taylor Blonde, with his cold personality disliked every being that he crossed paths with and Ashlin didn’t escape it either. He was a very good judge of character but.

He never believed the first sentence before a “but”😉 He didn’t have a good character himself.

She is His Baby Novel by Melli_issa
She is His Baby Novel by Melli_issa

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