Selling Myself To The Alpha Novel

Within the captivating literary realm of Selling Myself To The Alpha, a tale of unexpected twists and fateful connections unravels, taking readers on a thrilling journey into the realms of destiny, love, and self-discovery.


Selling Myself To The Alpha Summary

In the tumultuous wake of a heart-wrenching betrayal, Selling Myself To The Alpha delves into the extraordinary story of Liana, a young woman who finds herself at the crossroads of revenge and destiny. Little did she know that her impulsive decision to sell herself to her ex-fiancé’s enigmatic boss would thrust her into an unforeseen world of intrigue and passion.

The day prior to what was meant to be her wedding, Liana’s world crumbled as she discovered her beloved fiancé in an illicit embrace with her closest friend. Consumed by grief, anger, and a thirst for retribution, she hatched a daring plan to turn the tables on her unfaithful partner. Unbeknownst to her, this decision would forever alter the course of her life.

Liana’s quest for vengeance led her to the enigmatic Alpha, a man of power and influence in her ex-fiancé’s world. Little did she realize that this imposing figure was not just a formidable boss, but the leader of a powerful wolf pack. Moreover, as she embarked on this unexpected journey, she carried within her a secret that would change everything: she was pregnant with the Alpha’s wolf pup.

As Liana’s world spiraled into a realm of uncertainty and danger, she attempted to escape the clutches of the Alpha, only to find herself irresistibly drawn back into his orbit. The startling revelation that he regarded her as his destined mate, his Luna, left her bewildered. After all, how could a mere human girl become entwined in the destiny of a powerful Alpha?

Selling Myself To The Alpha Novel
Selling Myself To The Alpha Novel.

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