Seductress CEO by Crown_S_H

Men have long been regarded as possessing a commanding presence, being feared, and having respect.
What happens when a lady who exhibits such traits rules the industry and makes fun of others…

“It’s all worth it because of her beauty”

Seductress CEO by Crown_S_H
Seductress CEO by Crown_S_H

Leila Astra is a stunning woman without a past but with a present and the ability to predict the future—or not.
Men are enamored by her lovely appearance, fit physique, and seductive aroma when they see her. Many guys have allegedly had affairs with her; they may or may not be factual.
Nobody KNOWS, and nobody GIVES A CRAP! But, none can claim to have done so for more than two days.

She never wants to fall in love; she only wants to get richer.

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What transpires when she meets love? Why are men unable to recall the wonderful moment they shared with her? What is her history? And what can lead to her failure?

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