Seduction Novel by Goddy Francis

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Seduction Novel Summary.

“What do you want, Candy?” He whispers against her neck.

“I want you…”

“I’m just gonna ruin you baby. I’m not good for your health, Serena, Now I’m gonna ask again. What do you


She bites her lip and look at the green eyed man that towers above her. He was something words can’t describe and she’s still wondering what attracted her to him. Maybe it was the mystery that surrounded the green eyed man, or his flirty whispers.

Without thinking, she voiced out.

“I want you to ruin me.

After sneaking out of her family’s mansion to party with her boyfriend, Serena Steinberg returned home to see her family murdered in cold blood by unknown assassins. Little did she know these same assassins are after her family’s heirloom, a rare blue diamond.

She’s left with no choice but to move out of her family’s mansion to a peaceful neighborhood with the help of her boyfriend.

But what happens when notorious Judah moves next door?

Seduction Novel by Goddy Francis
Seduction Novel by Goddy Francis

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