Secret Lovers Novel by Isabella Moona

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Secret Lovers by Isabella Moona.

Secret Lovers Novel Summary.

Ryan Lee, is a hardworking, heartless and arrogant CEO. He spend his entire life in the company he is managing,

but behind of being a hardworking man there is a kind, handsome, carefree and kind hearted side he has. He is doing other things in a secret way.

He is also going and eating in a not famous and fancy restaurant. He is also going in an amusement park alone, having fun as as he could.

Paige Will, a middle-classed beautiful waitress and a hardworking one. She was once a seductress and accidentally seduced Mr. CEO after finding out the truth of him being a CEO.

Would handsome CEO fall inlove to a waitress? Will they have a happy ending?

Secret Lovers Novel by Isabella Moona
Secret Lovers Novel by Isabella Moona

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