Sealed With Love Novel by Sophy James

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Sealed With Love by Sophy James.

Sealed With Love Novel Summary.

She was hopeful that her life would change. There would be a new start after she graduated from high school.

She was ready to fly in the sky, and rise towards her dream. Little did she know that her life would turn upside down on returning home. The biggest life-changing event was waiting for her.

She was hardly aware that the bracelet she had been wearing since her birth was a token. The token of her marriage to a man she had never met.

She could do nothing but follow the arrangement, for life wasn’t willing to spare her. Her helplessness left her no choice. Finally, she decided to give up everything and run away! And again,

destiny made fun of her. Unexpected and unknowingly, he stepped into her life again. What was in store for her in the future and where was life leading her?.

Sealed With Love Novel by Sophy James
Sealed With Love Novel by Sophy James

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