9 Great Scholarships for Business Majors

Scholarships for Business Majors: Prices for scholarships for business majors have always continued to increase with time. Thankfully, there are excellent business major scholarships that provide anything from funding for tuition to opportunities for internships that can aid students in finding employment after graduation. These scholarships range in value, and candidates may need to meet specific requirements to be eligible, but their help can be truly transformative.

Recognized business major scholarships can broaden your expertise and expand the number of opportunities available to you. It increases your earning potential and helps you to network with people who can help you launch your career after you graduate. However, improving your knowledge is an investment.

Your college expenses may be mitigated by a scholarship. Contrary to popular assumption, financial aid and scholarships are not solely given to students who place first or second in their high school classes or who are in need of financial support. Students aiming to obtain a business degree have access to several scholarships.

Financial Assistance for Business Students

Students should look for grants or scholarships before taking out loans as they can reduce or completely eliminate debt. Based on your financial need or field of study, you might be eligible for grants from the state, the federal government, or private groups. Grants are typically not repaid once you graduate, but they might not be as accessible as scholarships.

Some scholarships are offered to low-income, minority, and female students. Others honour kids who thrive in the classroom or on the athletic field. Because requirements change, carefully explore your options. For further details, look through our guide to grants and scholarships.

Students who participate in work-study programs might earn reduced or free tuition in exchange for working for their institution or university. A career-related degree may also qualify you for tuition reimbursement from some employers.


The requirements set by the scholarship fund managers determine your eligibility for any of the authorized business major scholarships. Each opportunity is unique, and many students are shocked to learn that they are qualified based on demographics, community service, extracurricular activities, and job and life experience.

Volunteering can help you advance. Donating your time to your local community distinguishes you from many other candidates and demonstrates your dedication to assisting individuals in your town. You could consider volunteering for organizations that award scholarships to demonstrate that you’re a serious contender.

Community work can provide you with an experience that you can utilize to supplement your scholarship applications. It may also provide you with the opportunity to network with people who can act as references when you apply for financial rewards.

Scholarship schemes for students with specific medical issues have also been established. Health issues can have an impact on student’s financial status, making it more difficult for them to save money for their education. Their health condition shouldn’t be a barrier to their goals.

Where to get Scholarships for Business Majors

In order to help them fund their education, many students look for scholarships that are given out by the colleges they are considering. However, most colleges have a large population of business students. Many students who are unsure about their future goals end up earning a bachelor’s degree in business. Full-tuition business scholarships are therefore in high demand, and many colleges simply don’t provide many of them.

However, big businesses understand the importance of helping business majors. Many businesses offer scholarships to both business school candidates and high school students. Some have their own foundations that were created specifically to give grants and endowments to deserving students. By doing this, they are able to create a pool of highly qualified job candidates who they may hire in the future.

Business groups, the government, and NGOs also offer scholarships for business majors. As a matter of fact, we shall be discussing the top 9 of these scholarships in this article.

How to Apply for Scholarships for Business Majors

Students can easily apply online for many scholarships for business majors. Others demand that you go through your high school or undergraduate institution to submit paper applications.

Pay close attention to the guidance provided by each sponsor. Each of the scholarships for business majors has a different set of requirements, prizes, and application processes. Some just ask for eligibility documentation, while others want you to submit an essay.

Investigate your choices as soon as possible. You might have to take courses in a certain industry or engage in activities to meet the requirements for the financial prize. It will be easier for you to accomplish these requirements before the application period if you are aware of them in advance.

9 Great Scholarships for Business Majors for You

Here we go with scholarships for business majors;

1. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

First on our list of scholarships for business majors is Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, which represents a sizable and expanding sector of highly qualified accountants, administers the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship. Despite the ACFE’s accounting origins, neither accounting students nor those with a concentration in accounting are expressly targeted by the award. The grant is open to students majoring in business management, executive leadership, finance, or accounting, and it presently ranges in value from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the applicant’s demonstrated need, accomplishments, and application materials.

Each year, 29 undergraduate students receive prizes, which are allocated among several reward levels. In addition to one of the above-mentioned majors, applicants must submit essays, three letters of recommendation, and proof of at least part-time enrolment in an accredited institution or university. Current high school students and those enrolled in a business program at a community college are not eligible for this grant.

2. Richard Antwi Scholarship

Apply for the Richard Antwi Scholarship being provided by the University of Westminster if you want to start a career in music business management. The purpose of the bursary is to encourage and aid ambitious students who desire scholarships for business majors to enrol in the University of Westminster’s master’s degree program.

3. New York Chapter Scholarship

To help competent Hispanics pursue graduate and undergraduate business degrees, Prospanica, a nonprofit organization with the mission “to encourage Hispanic business professionals to reach their full educational, economic, and social potential,” has launched a scholarship program. Full-time and part-time study at an AACSB-accredited institution of the student’s choice is both eligible for scholarships for business majors.

4. Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship

The Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship is one of the scholarships for business majors offered to students pursuing graduate-level business study, as its name would imply. Open to students with any concentration in the Master of Business Administration degree at an AACSB-approved institution, the program is designed to at least partially offset the costs associated with an MBA program. This scholarship can only be used once and cannot be extended. The Mary Elizabeth Lockwood Beneventi MBA Scholarship is not renewable for subsequent academic years to students who have already received it.

A minimum graduate-level GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale is required for applicants to this program. Along with the official paper application, official college transcripts, and necessary essays, students must be ready to submit letters of recommendation from supervisors, mentors, or research assistants.

5. Salford Business School Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship

Another on our list of scholarships for business majors is the Salford Business School Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship. Utilize the Salford Business School Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship to start down the path to achieving your higher education objectives. High-achieving aspirants are encouraged by the financing option to enrol in postgraduate taught programs in the UK.

6. The Dreamer Scholarship

Anyone majoring in a recognized business or management major is eligible for one of the three $1,000 scholarships for business majors given out each year. Students must submit personal statements and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible. The initiative is not renewed.

8. Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

All graduating high school seniors who intend to major in business management or pursue other leadership positions are urged to apply. The business offers several $1,000 annual scholarships to students enrolled in four-year programs in allied business fields.

It’s simple to find a way to pay off outstanding balances, pursue education, and graduate in a strong financial position that otherwise simply would not have been possible with the help of excellent scholarships for undergraduate and graduate business students, as well as those with different backgrounds and personal stories. These kinds of rewards are all fantastic choices for today’s business students, with simple applications and numerous, outstanding prospects.

9. Coca-Cola Scholars Program

Finally on our list of scholarships for business majors is the Coca-Cola Scholars Program. The Coca-Cola Scholars program is an achievement-based award for graduating high school seniors that honor students for their dedication to having a substantial positive impact on their schools and communities as well as their capacity to lead and serve. Through investments in exceptional high school students who are committed to leadership, service, and action that positively affects others, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation seeks to improve the world.

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