Scars Of A Broken Bond Novel by Calv Momose

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Scars Of A Broken Bond Novel Summary.

It took Sabrina three whole years to realize that her husband, Truett didn’t have a heart. He was the coldest and most indifferent man she had ever met. He never smiled at her, let alone treated her like his wife.

To make matters worse, the return of the woman he had eyes for brought Sabrina nothing both divorce papers. Sabrina’s heart broke. Hoping that there was still a chance for them to work on their marriage,

she asked, “Quick question, Truett. Would you still divorce me if I told you that I was pregnant?” “Absolutely!” he responded. Realizing that she didn’t mean shit to him, Sabrina decided to let go.

She signed the divorce agreement while lying on her sickbed with a broken heart. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the end for the couple. It was as if scales fell off Truett’s eyes after she signed the divorce agreement.

The once so heartless man groveled at her bedside and pleaded, “Sabrina, I made a big mistake. Please don’t divorce me. I promise to change.” Sabrina smiled weakly, not knowing what to do.

Scars Of A Broken Bond Novel by Calv Momose
Scars Of A Broken Bond Novel by Calv Momose

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